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Renting Art

. Originally .

The Forests) project finds its origins in the emotion I have always felt
during my rides in these oceans of greenery, temples of contemplation
and introspection

In these saving walks I do not hear voices but a dialogue is created

Walking in the forest is therefore an enchantment...

. The intention .

The forest resembles photography: spooky and ambiguous.
It allows me to experience this living space differently, beyond the rational

Forests have calming properties proven by science, just like art.
It therefore seems obvious to me to link the two !

Nature réfléchissant sur le verre de cristal

. Transparency .

To create these photographs I use reflection and therefore glass.

Glass, a material traditionally used for the construction o foptical lenses to facilitate the appearance ofthe image, is used here to produce the opposite effect :

accumulate, mix the different layers of the visible to create a space between two

. Nuances .

Very often, in order to explore this imaginary world, I wait for the clouds.

They act as a filter against the radical light of the sun which prevents the observation of all the nuances…

They also symbolize rainwater, necessary for life on earth. The forest creates the cloud, which in turn brings the forest to life in a virtuous and balanced cycle

. Commitment.

I chose to express myself in, by, for, and about forests

because they are essential to me and that on their survival depends mine, yours


In order to limit my carbon impact on these precious ecosystems

I practice so-called “reasoned” photography

Changing workplace
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